Client Spotlight: Erin Collins of My Wellness Love

My Wellness Love Logo and Brand

My Wellness Love Logo and Brand

“Just because you became a mother, it doesn’t mean you lose who you are.” Beyoncé

Meet Erin, the owner and founder of My Wellness Love. She’s passionate about helping women take back control of their body and live to their potential. We learned so much about motherhood and how things that might seem normal (from lower back pain to feeling stressed) are actually signs that we get to evaluate and align our lives.

Client Spotlight: My Wellness Love Website Home Page

Client Spotlight: My Wellness Love Website Home Page

About the website:

Erin was an amazing client and we wanted to strategically steer clients to schedule a session with her. Like we always stress, a website gets to have one main goal. For you, that could be selling the new planner you designed, for others, that can mean booking people on a one-on-one so that you can:

  • see if you’re a good fit

  • provide something of value

  • instill trust

We focused on her goal by keeping the navigation as minimal as possible, and focusing the attention on the button to the top right and button in the hero section right when you land on her site. By doing this, we eliminate multiple messages that can confuse the user.

Our fallback was the AMAZING free e-book that Erin provides. Why a fallback? This is to catch those visitors that are interested in your services or products but are just not ready to schedule a session. You want to provide something of value in exchange for their email address. Erin did just that (and went beyond) with her E-Book.

About The Brand and Logo:

Our goal was to keep it minimal and feminine without it being over the top pink and girly. We decided to steer away from florals and too much pattern and more towards the simple leaves and a soft peachy pink. The logo was kept minimal and geometrical.

Learn more about our services or visit My Wellness Love to learn more about Erin.