From Website Design To Cardi B: 614Fempreneur Interview

614Fempreneur recently featured Robles Designs and we couldn’t be more excited!

614 Fempreneur highlights the talents and successes of female entrepreneurs in and around the Columbus, Ohio area. Follow 614Fempreneur and check out all of their other interviews! A special thank you to Michal and Jennifer for having us on. They are true rock stars and hustlers.

This was Yasmine’s first time recording at an actual radio station but as soon as we started chatting about websites, ideal clients and how to hone in on your ideal person - it. was. on.

A few takeaways:

Struggling isn’t a bad thing and the worse thing that could happen if we fail is often NOT as bad as it seems.

Just do it. Don’t wait for the “right time” because it’s never the right time. Whether it’s starting your own business or going on a run, there’s always something else you could be doing.

Use the fear as a motivator. We all have a fear of failing, of falling on our face and of what our friends and family will think. But the worse feeling is looking back and knowing that fear is what kept you from achieving your dreams (whether that’s getting a promotion at your job or starting your business).

When it comes to starting your business or creating your website, you really have to know who you are targeting. Not everyone is a potential client and sometimes, even if they do become a client, it’s a drag because you don’t jive. So know your target market down to their age and favorite music artist.

Speaking of fave artists, it’s no secret that Cardi B is our crush here at Robles Designs. Not only is she proud of where she comes from, she’s proud of the things she had to do to make her dreams come true. She’s not ashamed to be herself, to go after the money and to look amazing while doing it.

Have questions about website design, how we got our start or what our fave Cardi B song is? Put it in the comments or contact us today!