How To Add or Edit Your Squarespace Announcement Bar

Ever wondered how to get a quick message across to your website audience?

Using an announcement bar (also called an “eyebrow” in some design circles) is the perfect way to do it without disrupting the overall styling. Here’s how to add and edit yours on Squarespace.

Follow along with the below steps to learn how to edit your announcement bar.

You will learn how to enable and disable this feature as well as change the text and link.

  1. First log in to your Squarespace site and click on your site.

  2. Next, on the left hand side of your screen click ‘Marketing’

  3. Once under the ‘Marketing’ tab you will click ‘Announcement Bar’

  4. Under the ‘Announcement Bar’ tab you will be able to disable and enable your announcement bar by clicking the dropdown box. This is also where you can change the announcement bar text once enabled.

  5. Lastly, if you’d like your announcement bar to link to a particular page on your site click the 'Gear’ symbol to change that page.

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