Website Platforms Part 3 of 3: Shopify

In this 3 part series we are discussing the pros and cons of 3 different website platforms.

In this video we will be discussing Shopify.

Shopify is different from Squarespace and Wordpress because it is tailored to ecommerce businesses only. This may have you asking yourself: well if I can use Squarespace and have it all why would I choose Shopify? Check out the tips below and view the video to learn why to choose Shopify if you are an ecommerce business.


  1. Shopify can handle a larger amount of products than Squarespace or Wordpress can. This makes your user experience more enjoyable.

  2. They offer a large variety of templates both free and paid.

  3. Has the ability to sync with Quickbooks.

  4. Allows you to view the metrics on products.


  1. You are not able to move your Shopify site to a different hosting site.

  2. About pages and FAQ pages can be difficult to create.

Make sure you check out our portfolio page to view the Shopify sites we have built and don’t forget to check out part 1 and part 2 of this series to learn more about Squarespace and Wordpress.

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