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Don't Tell Them, Show Them: Why Video is King and How You Can Capitalize

  • M+A Architects 775 Yard Street #Suite 325 Columbus, Ohio 43212 (map)

We might all know the phrase 'A picture is worth a thousand words', but, according to Forrester Research, one minute of video can be equated to 1.8 Million words. 

80% of global Internet consumption is video content, and 78% of companies get more traffic to their website after using videos.

Join us for an evening talking about the digital medium that is taking over marketing

as we know it. Learn about how to introduce video to your brand, ways to create effective video strategies for activation, and how to use video to boost engagement with clients.

Driven by metrics, both through research and trend reports and personal digital analytics, you will learn how to take something as creatively subjective as video and make it more objective, strengthening your case and securing your sale.

81% of companies feature video on their brand's website - place yourself ahead by doing the same, and find the advantage in including a video on your landing page that can increase conversion by 80%.

Whether you're novice or sophisticated with your understanding of video, this is an opportunity to learn more and expand your potential of possibility through the marketing medium that is currently king.

About Our Speakers

Meet Madeline Shively

With a formal education in Strategic Communications, Madeline is recognized for her adaptability and forward-thinking. Energized by the chance to explore opportunities and embrace challenges that drive meaningful change, Madeline’s national recognition for award-winning communication initiatives truly embodies the integrity of her work. Developing and delivering strategies for the organization, Madeline ensures the success of marketing objectives for the firm, involving a multitude of platforms for activation. Specializing in video production, she has overseen the creation of many comprehensive video campaigns with demonstrated analytics that mark the successful return on investment among a spectrum of platform audiences and demographics. Among her most marked characteristics, Madeline’s ability to quickly assess and evaluate marketing efforts lead her to organize an effective strategy and seamless implementation.

Meet Samantha Dickerson

With experience in corporate and agency sectors, Sam develops award-winning integrated communication plans to support to the overall goals of the firm she works for, M+A Architects. With strong interpersonal communication and writing skills, she leads nationally recognized campaigns that are effective, timely, relevant and aligned with the overall company vision. Able to analyze and evaluate how to best provide information, Sam is able to transform communication experiences, internally and externally. Having worked internationally on video projects, Sam’s experience and exposure have poised her as a recognized leader in creative direction through video, using the medium to garner visibility through various channels. She is equipped to deliver high impact messages that are valuable and easy to consume, while promoting a culture of value and engagement.